Orwell Quay (2005)

Status: Refused permission
Type: Hotel/leisure/residential/retail
Year: 2005
Developer: London Provincial And Overseas Limited
Price: Unknown

This proposal was submitted in 2005 and sought the construction of a large mixed use development off Duke Street, adjacent to Neptune Marina on a site that has since remained a ‘temporary’ car park. The proposal would have seen the erection of a building up to 16 storeys, containing 331 apartments, a 120 bedroom hotel, a fitness club, retail units and a 590 space multi-storey car park.

The design, heavily inspired by Neptune Marina, would have seen the bottom three floors occupied by retail, leisure and car parking. The main towers, incorporating the apartments and hotel, would have surrounded a central courtyard. If this development had been built, the main tower would have been one of the tallest in Ipswich.

2017-07-04 (1)

However, the application was refused, and a subsequent second planning application for a redesigned development was submitted by the same developers four years later. The 2009 proposal was completely different, not only in terms of design and massing, but use, as it incorporated offices and more leisure facilities. The 2005 proposal was met with opposition due to the massing of the development and fear it would block the sunlight for the developments along Duke Street as well as the negative impact it would have on the neighbouring Neptune Marina. The following proposal was withdrawn due to the developer, London Provincial And Overseas Limited, going bankrupt in 2011 and was unable to sell the proposal onto a new developer resulting in the application being withdrawn. This site has since remained a temporary car park.

Images: KDP Architects

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