Duke Street apartment building (2006)

Status: Lapsed
Type: Residential
Year: 2006
Developer: Duke Street Developments (Ipswich) Ltd
Price: Unknown

A proposal submitted in 2006 sought the construction of a nine storey residential block consisting of 76 apartments with ground floor commercial units. The site has since been built on with the erection of a Travelodge hotel, after planning was approved in 2010. This proposal lapsed, most likely due to financial restraints, especially with the fear of oversupply.

UntitledIf this development and the Orwell Quay development (2009) had been constructed, Duke Street would currently be home to (amount of residential units constructed after the year 2001) approximately 834 units. As it stands, there have been approximately 558 units constructed in this time frame. Both these figures ignore the proposed development of a further 44 flats on Duke Street, to be built on a site previously earmarked for educational use, prior to the collapse of a number of residential developments, this proposal included.

2017-07-30 (2)
Duke Street elevation

Wincer Kievenarr Chartered Architects

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