Mather Way mixed used development

Status: Lapsed
Type: Residential, retail
Year: 2006

In 2006 there was a large scale mixed-used proposal for the construction of a 7 storey block of 47 flats, ground and first floor commercial/restaurant/retail use. The brownfield site, formerly home to low grade industrial units, surrounds the Steamboat Tavern and was envisioned as a landmark development for the west side of the waterfront, which was largely undeveloped at the time.


The proposal was met with criticism, especially by the adjacent tavern whom were concerned that the building was not in the character of the area, too large and would reduce privacy and light in the beer garden. Music from the pub was not ‘compatible’ with proposed apartments and caused further concern for the longevity of the tavern, if the development was constructed. There was also concern that mixing affordable and private housing in the same block would not work.

Screenshot (183)

In 2010, an application for extension of time limit to the existing planning application was approved, however, no progress was made on the proposal. This development ultimately lapsed, partly due to design and planning issues, but ultimately due to fear of over supply.

In 2017, a new proposal was submitted for the construction of 21 houses on this site, however, the proposal was withdrawn, possibly due to the site being located in the possible area for one of the bridges part of the Upper Orwell Crossings proposal.


Images: Stanley Bragg Architects

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