Luminis Student Accommodation

Status: Lapsed
Type: Student housing
Year: 2008
Developer: Luminis
Price: £16 million

A few years prior to the construction of Athena Hall (which was also planned in 2008), a number of proposals for dedicated student accommodation were being planned. The largest of which was the Luminis Student Accommodation building on Star Lane and Grimwade Street. The proposal, submitted in 2008, sought the construction of a 3 – 6 storey building containing approximately 406 units with commercial units on the ground floor.

View from Grimwade Street

The planning committee stated the building was a;

bold and contemporary design utilising a varied palette of external materials of varying colours and textures, including, most notably, a blue glazed brick, a yellowtoned rainscreen cladding system (Trespa), and stack-bonded red brickwork to the main street elevations, with light coloured render and buff brick to internal elevations. There would be a strongly defined corner element with a double height glazed foyer entrance, recessed behind large angled columns and feature recessed balconies on the corner. Elevational treatments proposed to Star Lane and Grimwade Street are intentionally different to respond to the separate contexts.

View across Star Lane from Fore Street pool

If accepted, the building was planned to open in two stages to coincide with the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 academic years. The building would also increase capacity for the proposed stages of the University master plan. The first of which was the Waterfront building, stage two, which saw the addition of Athena Hall, was the construction of the James Hehir building.

2017-06-22 (3)
South elevation – from Star Lane

However, the application lapsed as investor interest waned as opposition rose. There are a number of reasons for the collapse of this project. The design was proving a contentious issue as was the possibility of oversupply (Phase 1 of the university was only just constructed) and the project was ultimately shelved, as was a number of other large proposals for student accommodation in the same time period.

2017-06-22 (2)
East elevation – from Grimwade Street

In terms of design, the massing was seen as too large for the context, especially the Grimwade Street elevation, where the building was adjacent to a row of 2 storey houses. This elevation was ‘broken’ into two sections with the right section stepping down the scale of the design. This did not appease those who were concerned. The Star Lane elevation was also concerning those who believed it to be a poor backdrop to St Clements’s Church. The general massing and scale of the project was seen as a concern, especially due to the relatively low rise surrounding.

Ground floor plan

Despite this, the project possibly could have been built given the right circumstances, however, the University had been constructed a few years prior to the economic crash. With the concern of oversupply and with a bleak, uncertain economic landscape, a quick return on profits was an unlikely outcome. Furthermore, Athena Hall was planned the same year thus the possibility of oversupply made the investment a risk in times of recession. The project was too large and ambitious given the circumstances, therefore, it is most likely that the developer got cold feet and pulled the plug on the project.

This was just one of 6 large scale, dedicated student accommodation proposals in the space of 4 years. 5 of which fell through, only Athena Hall was built.

Images: Hoopers Architects

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