St Georges House (2009)

Status: Lapsed
Type: Hotel/residential/retail
Year: 2009
Developer: St Georges House LLP
Price: Unknown

After the 2008 proposal was refused because the height and massing of the residential block was too large for the urban context, a new proposal was submitted in 2009. The design was changed dramatically, the hotel design remained the same, the design was toned down, made asymmetrical and became generic. The original plans, admittedly large, were exciting and fresh – especially for this part of town.


This application was accepted, however, nothing happened. The planning application was extended in 2013 but nothing has since come to fruition. Perhaps a lack of interest and funding, or the developer is waiting for a hotel chain to sign up. Whatever the case, it is becoming apparent that this project may not be built; as of 2017, no extension of application has been submitted suggesting the development has fallen through?

The 1960’s block that was to be replaced

The, for lack of a better word, refurbishment of the 1960’s block in what resembles dazzle camouflage reinforces the possibility that the development has fallen through. Furthermore, the project is not listed on the architects website which does not show a progressing proposal. If so, its a shame. A landmark development, a gateway to the main high street and good first impressions when heading in from the West. But no. Perhaps it was too ambitious and not safe enough. As it stands, all signs show this development has collapsed. An extension of the planning application could be submitted in 2017 but unlikely, we’ll wait with baited breath.

Images: TateHindle Architects

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