Key Street Student Housing

Status: Lapsed
Use: Student housing
Year: 2009
Developer: City Living Developments (Ipswich) Ltd

In 2009, a proposal was submitted for the construction of two student accommodation blocks with a total of 371 units. The buildings were named Triangle West (in between Foundation Street and Lower Orwell Street) and Triangle East (in between Lower Orwell Street and Slade Street) due to the shape of the site. Triangle West would have consited of 173 units while Triangle East would have contained 198 units. The development also planned to incorporate 9 commercial units on the ground floor.

View looking east into the courtyard from Foundation Street.

A previous application for the same scheme a year prior was rejected on the grounds that the design was too imposing on the St Mary at Quay church as well as poor air quality reports not meeting planning requiremnets. The 2009 application was approved.

The design was similar to The Mill as both were designed by John Lyall Architects. Similar to St Peter’s Port, this development Incorporated a retail thoroughfare safe from the surrounding roads. This would have increased accessibility from the town centre to the waterfront. The proposal was seen to be a good use of the site and the design was seen as adequate by the planning committee. Despite some praising the design approach to the brownfield site, others criticised the scale as well as being against student housing in this location.


The development also had the same developer as The Mill,┬áCity Living Developments (Ipswich) Ltd, whom were behind much of the regeneration of the waterfront. They went into administration in 2010, resulting in the concrete skeleton – the winerack and the majority of The Mill’s interior remaining unfinished. This scheme as a result of the developers administration collapsed as a result.

Both sites have since been developed, on the east site, a six storey Premier Inn was constructed and on the west site, the extension and redevelopment of St Mary at Quay and accompanying car park has occupied the site. This was not the only ill fated large student housing scheme at the time. Others included, Luminis.



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Images: John Lyall Architects

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