128 houses and 60 bedroom care home on the former site of Elton Park Works

Status: Pending
Type: Masterplan/residential
Year: 2016
Developer: M&D Developments
Price: Unknown

An indicative proposal outlining the possible development of up to 128 2-4 bed houses and a 60 bedroom care home was submitted in 2016 by M&D Developments and is currently pending consideration. The development, located on the former site of Elton Park Works and Arclion House, would be centred along a central boulevard of which would be the only vehicular access to the site.

2017-06-23 (3)
Proposed masterplan

As it seems to be the case with every housing development in the UK, the residents will be subject to curvy tree lined streets, paved road surfaces and limited parking. A green space will occupy the space between the houses and River Gipping. The tree line to the west of the site will remain to act as a boundary between the care home and existing housing.

2017-06-23 (4)
Indicative elevation along the main boulevard

Though positive feedback for the development of a brownfield site into housing, traffic and subsequent junction on Hadleigh Road have become concerns, especially in regards to the care home which will see delivery vehicles, ambulances and visitors. Despite this, the development is pending consideration and as it stands, it seems this development will be built though the design may be altered slightly.

Images: LAP Architects

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