Silo (R&W Paul maltings)

Status: Proposal
Type: Residential
Year: Unknown
Developer: Unknown
Price: £24 million

Listed as simply ‘Silo’ on the architect’s website, this has got to be one of the most unique proposals Ipswich has ever seen. An 18 storey tower with a large roof garden and viewing platform. There is very little information about this proposal, but it seems it was drawn up as a proposal for initial ideas on how to redevelop the derelict site.


On the Trevor Horne Architects site, this project is listed as a proposal study suggesting it was designed for a competition or the financial crisis caused these large scale projects been downsized or scrapped. The 18 storey building would have consisted of 180 units, retail on the bottom two floors and a private 750m2 residents garden located over the retail space on the second level. But most notable is the 10m high public garden and viewing platform on top of the 18 storeys.

2017-06-21 (2)

Though ambitious and not having a finalised design, a viewing platform would certainly have been a tourist attraction, something the Waterfront is missing. It is likely that this scheme was never going to be built and proposals were submitted for initial ideas for the area, it was definitely ambitious but unrealistic.

Images: Trevor Horne Architects

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