Griffin Wharf

Status: Lapsed (2005/2013), Approved
Use: Hotel, residential, retail, office
Year: 2005/2013/2017
Developer: Persimmon Homes

Griffin Wharf is the name given to a large, partially completed development located between Hawes Street and Bath Street that was set to see the construction of 464 houses and residential units over 9 blocks up to 9 storey high. 10,290m2 of commercial floor space including a health centre, hotel, shops/cafés and business space. The proposal was set to be built in two phases. Phase 1 was completed and saw the construction of over 100 units of housing, however, phase 2 ultimately stalled due to the ‘financial climate’. The first proposal for Griffin Wharf was in 2005, designed by the same architect as Eagle Wharf, RMA Architects, whom have developed much of the high class development to the south of the Waterfront.

Screenshot (210)

Their proposal would consist of tree lined boulevards and closed courtyards with rear car parking. Phase 2 also included a hotel to the north of the site, on the junction of Hawes Street and Jamestown Boulevard,  however, this was later abandoned and replaced with hosuing.

Following the collapse of RMA Architects’s proposal, the developer, Permission homes tried to revive phase 2 of the project in 2013 with a smaller development. Designed by Hoopers Architects, they proposed three apartment buildings, just like RMA’s proposal, at a reduced height with each one containing 59 units. However, in late 2013 a variation on the approved application was submitted reducing the units in block C from 59 to 38. However, despite the approval and enthusiasm from the council to finish this part of the now 10 year waterfront development, Permission Homes again decided to shelve the project citing an oversupply of residential units in the area, resulting them to pull the plug as they believed it too much of a financial risk.

Screenshot (45)

Permission Homes still owns the site and are in the progress of finishing phase 2, the site south of Discovery Avenue. In 2017 the developer submitted a planning application to finally complete the development with the construction of 57 three-bedroomed town houses and 56 two-bedroomed flats, a massive reduction on both previous proposals.

Screenshot (44)

The application has been approved.

Images: Hoopers Architects/Permission Homes/RMA Architects

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