44 flats in Duke Street

Status: Pending
Type: Residential
Year: 2017
Price: Unknown

A proposal has been submitted for the erection of three residential blocks containing 44 units – 16 one-bed and 28 two-bed on the brownfield site between Duke Street, Tye Road and Unity Road. At the time of the application, 15 units are designated for affordable housing, though this could be subject to change. The project will also contain two retail spaces, amenities and parking.

Brocklehurst Architects

The site was part of the 2004 application for the development of 377 new residential units with commercial space. The site of this new development was ‘earmarked’ for educational use, however, no school was built, possibly due to the collapse of both Orwell Quay proposals (2005 and 2009) that would have seen the construction of a further 331 residential units. Since the withdrawal of the 2009 proposal in 2011, the site has since been sold on and was identified as a site for residential use in the Adopted Ipswich Local Plan.

View from central courtyard

As a result, Duke Street will see the construction of more flats and in typical fashion, apt for Ipswich, the design is lacklustre and features the usual suspects in attempts at contemporary residential design (especially in Ipswich), red brick, zinc cladding and inset balconies as well as little contribution to the streetscape. Despite that, the first units should be ready for occupancy by early 2019 if this proposal is accepted.

Images: Brocklehurst Architects

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