East Suffolk County Hall conversion

Status: Proposal
Type: Conversion/residential
Year: 2017
Price: £4.8 million


The Grade II County Hall was built in 1836-37 by W McIntosh Brooks, and was once the area’s gaol and law court. In 1906 extensions for council offices were built by JS Corner and Henry Miller before the building became the headquarters of East Suffolk County Council. However, in 2004, Suffolk County Council relocated to Endeavour House, leaving the County Hall empty ever since.

The result was a building that fell into neglect, despite its Grade II listing. The reason was a case of a poor deal that benefited the developer. Following the Council’s relocation, the building was sold to Rainbow Developments who had permission to build flats on adjacent land with the responsibility of restoring and converting the historic building. This did not happen, once the flats were constructed, the developers moved on and the grand County Hall was left in a dire state.

As it stands in 2017, the building is currently listed on the The New Investments Concept website, whether legitimate, no planning application has been submitted but the site lists a proposal of the building.

This project is a development of 30 Luxury 2 Bed Apartments, 20 Luxury 1 Bed Apartments and 16 New Build, 1 & 2 Bed Apartments. Superb town centre location with parking.

The project will be completed December 2018, the total spend on this development is 4.8 million.

How true or realistic remains to be seen, but this building has been in a dire need of restoration for far too long.


2 thoughts on “East Suffolk County Hall conversion

  1. The council appear to have learnt some lessons from this type of unscrupulous behaviour and I noted that the folly cobbold development is only allowed to build one residential block before having to restore/develop the brewery prior to any further development of the site (which has quite extensive plans).

    With regards to County Hall, there will need to be an open space for residents otherwise luxury or not, the development overlooks one of the main roads through the town and is not exactly desirable as it stand


  2. This building is in a critically dire condition, pigeons are accessing the interior through smashed windows and damaged guttering is further adding to the damp and rot. Something should be done and soon before it is too late.


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