Status: Lapsed
Type: Hotel/residential
Year: 2017

The development of this site has been long awaited ever since Tesco withdrew their plans in 2012. The architects, Mountford Pigott, whom also designed the Tesco proposal have designed a residential led mixed-used development consisting of 130 houses, 81 flats in a 12 storey tower, 48 live-work units, 60 bed hotel, 6 restaurants and a pedestrian walk way connecting the river path to the Princes Street Bridge.


Though development of this site is supported, this proposal has been met with criticism for a number of reason. Firstly, all 259 residential units will be accessed via two roads, connecting to Commercial Road and Grafton Way, both of which are heavily congested. Minimal road upgrades are present in the design.


The 12 storey tower, of which has been criticised for its design, would become the 13th tallest structure in Ipswich and would contain 81 residential units and along with the adjacent six storey building, they would both contain six restaurants which would be direct competition with Cardinal Park. The six storey building would also contain a gym and a 60 bed hotel on the upper storeys.

2017-07-18 (8)


The architectural design and landscaping have also received criticism, including The Ipswich Society who are concerned by the lack of integration along the river path as well as lack of landscaping, seating and are generally disappointed by the design for the access ramp to Princes Street.

Screenshot (166)
Stairs/ramp connecting the river path to Princes Street Bridge

It remains to see if this planning application is approved, it is likely that it will be revised and if so, development of this site would not start until 2019 at the earliest.

Images: Mountford Pigott LLP Architects

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